Exciting News: Vanilla Mart Pods in Mon Dessert’s Exquisite Dessert Making Kits!

Exciting News: Vanilla Mart Pods in Mon Dessert’s Exquisite Dessert Making Kits!

From the delicate layers of Mille Feuille to the whimsical Easter Bunny Cake kit, Mon Dessert is committed to empowering people to bake and create irresistible treats that not only delight the taste buds but also make a positive impact.

We’re thrilled to announce that Vanilla Mart’s premium Madagascan and Indonesian vanilla pods are now a key ingredient in not just one, but three of Mon Dessert’s kits. Samina, the founder of Mon Dessert, shares: ‘When we set out to elevate our dessert kits, we searched for a trusted supplier who shared our commitment to quality and ethics. We want only the best in our kits so that our customers can experience cutting-edge pastry chef techniques and ingredient preferences.’

You’ll find our pods in their gift tins recipe kits French Mille Feuille, Madeleine, and for a limited time, their Easter Bunny Cake Kit. Let the genuine vanilla pods from Vanilla Mart infuse the Creme pâtissière filling in the Mille feuille and the sponge of the madeleines. After enjoying these delectable treats, repurpose the vanilla pod to create homemade vanilla extract or elevate your next batch of custard or ice cream.

And for something egg-stra special this Easter, dive into their Easter Bunny Cake Kit, where Vanilla Mart’s vanilla pod adds a touch of magic to the buttercream icing.

Crafted with care and easy-to-follow instructions, Mon Dessert kits make baking a breeze for everyone. Don’t forget, if you make a Mon dessert, share your creations on Instagram and TikTok @mondessert using #makemondessert, and let’s celebrate the joy of dessert together!

Join the Mon Dessert and Vanilla Mart competition running from 4th March to 11th March 2024 for a chance to win two prizes a gift tin recipe kit containing bakeware, a keepsake tin, and ingredients including a Vanilla Mart vanilla pod, as well as a Ugandan and Indonesian pod. The prizes await two lucky winners who enter via our Instagram page.

For those that don’t win, Mon Dessert are still offering 10% off Mon Dessert products upon signing up to their mailing list.