Vanilla Guide


Pure Vanilla, used as a whole bean or in extract form, is the flavouring of choice in desserts, perfumes and even tobacco. The sweet aroma of Vanilla is like no other! Vanilla Pods are commonly used in desserts such as Ice Creams, Pies, Danishes etc. or to flavour sugar, which is then added to baked goods such as cookies.

A bit more time-consuming to use than extract, Vanilla pods impart the strongest true Vanilla flavour without the alcohol of traditional vanilla extract.

History of Vanilla

Vanilla has been one of the most familiar flavours (especially in Western Cuisine) for centuries. The first to cultivate vanilla were the Totonac people, who inhabited the Gulf Coast of Mexico in the present-day state of Veracruz. According to Totonac mythology, the...

Vanilla species & types

Vanilla Species There are at least 150 species of vanilla indigenous to tropical regions worldwide. Despite the fact that varieties of the vanilla orchid can be found in such diverse places as Africa and Asia, the only species that have proved to be edible and useful,...

Using Vanilla Pods

Remove Vanilla Pods from all packaging and air for a little while. Gently massage the pods lengthwise to release the flavour and loosen the caviar inside. Place a Vanilla pod on a chopping board. Using a paring knife, carefully split the pod lengthwise until it is...

Storing Vanilla Pods

Vanilla pods actually improve with time. However it is important to store these pods correctly. Whilst Vanilla stored correctly will last almost indefinitely, you should use the pods purchased by the best before date on the pack (ranges from 1 to 3 years). You will...